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Tire Center Oak Lawn, IL

Tire Center of Mancari CDJR for the Residents of Oak Lawn, IL

Every component of the car and each auto part are important for proper functioning of the vehicle. When you find your dream car, it’s important to pay attention to every detail to make sure its quality and reliability as well as whether it will be able to fulfill all your driving needs.

Tires are the basis of the car. They are the only contact with the road and have great relevance for the good handling of the car. The Mancari’s CDJR tire center in Oak Lawn is a place where your vehicles’ tires are thoroughly inspected by certified experts. They assist the customers in selecting new ones and install them in the shortest time possible.

Do you need a new set of tires? You can check this yourself with the help of a penny test. Put a penny between the tread ribs on the tire and turn this penny in a way that Lincoln’s head should point down. In case, top of his head is not visible between these ribs, you are fine. But if you can still see his complete head then this is the time for the replacement of the tire.

Whether you need tires for your car, SUV or pickup truck or you need tires for all seasons, summer or winter, you must know that at Mancari’s CDJR we are capable to cater your needs. Don’t wait, immediately ensure safe and dynaic driving with a set of high-quality tires that you can buy at Mancari’s CDJR in Oak Lawn.  Check our tires specials and take advantage of the discounts we offer to service and buy your new tire.

Express Lane

Service Specials

Our service center is provided with state-of-the-art equipment to service the vehicles of different brands. All of our service technicians are factory trained and they specialize in multiple skills at the same time with decades of experience. Our service specials are frequently rotating, so check our MOPAR coupons page to see what deals we are currently offering on :

  • Tires
  • Tire Rotations
  • Tire Alignment
  • & other non-tire related service or parts offers.

Service Specials

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Service Center

Each car needs tires of a certain size and the durability of tires and their performances on the road depends on a number of factors: weather conditions, road conditions, driving habits, and tire quality. Tires wear over time, so it is necessary to check if they have defects, and can those defects be eliminated. The experienced technicians of our service center provide complete inspection and repair of your tires, check tire pressure, replace and balance them and everything else that is necessary for your car to drive smoothly. Our service center offers many other services besides replacing and rotating the tires. Our service coupons bring you specialized services at discounted rates:

  • Brake Pad Or Shoe Replacement
  • Express Lane Oil & Filter Change
  • Air Conditioning Check
  • Front Or Rear Brake Service With Machining Rotors
  • Mopar Diagnostic System Check
  • Charging System Test

Schedule Tire Service

As a responsible driver who cares about safety both of driver and passengers, you take care of all segments of your vehicle. In order to enable you to inspect your tires with our experienced technicians, we have provided you to order tire service through our online scheduler. Simply follow the instructions and order the tire service when it suits you the best. You can schedule a tire service by providing us the following details:

  • Verify seventeen digit VIN
  • Select the ‘Make’ of your vehicle
  • Further select the
    • Year
    • Model
    • Transmission
    • Engine
    • Drivetrain
  • Also you are requested to tell us the date and time for the service that suits you the best

When you will visit us, you will find us ready to serve you right away.

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Order Tires

In our Parts department, you can buy auto parts for any vehicle. Through our website, you can order the part you need and we will contact you as soon as possible.  Mancari’s CDJR provides you with genuine OEM auto parts and branded tires that will ensure the quality of your car’s performance. To order a tire or any other part, provide us with:

  • Your contact details
  • Vehicle info
  • Requested part along with part name/number

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Contact Us

Contact us by phone or through our online contact form, so that you will get all the information you need or schedule your tire service in the shortest time frame.

Of course, you can always visit Mancari’s CDJR, we are located at 4630 W 95th Street Oak Lawn, IL 60453.

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Tire Center in Oak Lawn, IL

Why Choose Mancari’s Tire Center in Oak Lawn, IL?

Mancari’s CDJR in Oak Lawn has the highest inventory of new and used vehicles in the surrounding area, which allows our customers to not wander too much while searching for the car of their dreams.

With fantastic prices and payment terms and a professional Service center that will take care of the quality of your vehicle, we are highly positioned on the list of reliable and quality dealerships. Our satisfied customers have trusted us for years now, and we are trying to justify it by always being there for our customers, for all their automotive needs.

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