What Are the Advantages of All-Wheel Drive?

January 24th, 2018 by

interior of 2018 Dodge Challenger

When you’re shopping for a new or used vehicle in Oak Lawn, you’re likely wondering, “What are the advantages of all-wheel drive?” It’s an important aspect of a vehicle to consider when you live in a wintery zone like ours, and we luckily have many AWD vehicles to choose from with benefits like:

  • Maximum forward acceleration with traction in all four wheels.
  • All four wheels are prepared to compensate control when one wheel begins to slip.
  • Less likely to lose control on icy roads.
2018 Dodge Journey
2018 Dodge Challenger

Take Control With All-Wheel Drive

It’s important to consider the advantages of all-wheel drive when shopping for a vehicle in Orland Park. All makes that we offer at Mancari’s offer all-wheel drive models to choose from.

  • Maintain control on rainy roads.
  • Accelerate faster than front-wheel drive with power to all wheels evenly.
  • It only costs a little more to spring for an all-wheel drive model which is easily compensated for with our special offers!

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